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Caved In
Overall rating:3.7 based on 574 ratings.
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Game info
Caved In
62283 plays
Date added: 2012-09-27
Description: Play Cave In on Games like Minecraft: Cave In is an action game designed by Alex Larioza. Cave In was influenced by Dungeon Crawlers, Drawf Fortress, Terraria and Minecraft. The target of this game is to ascend all 5 levels to reach the surface. During the trip, you'll be able to collect treasures and save some stranded ladies.Levels are randomly created throughout each play.Water and lava flow to fill gaps and can kill you once you be in them too long.
Instructions: - You need to have two or more bricks to make a wall.
- Cave ins occur randomly, shown by shaking the screen.
- Walls stop water and Lava.
- Cave ins are more frequent near the surface.
- Mine stone to get bricks.
- Cave ins destroy blocks and create rubble.
- Mine gold for extra points.
- Avoid lava and water.
- Save ladies for extra points.
- The compass will point towards the ladder.
- You can't mine rubble or obisdian.
- Find exit door to go to the next level.
- Once you reach the surface, you win !
- Collect treasures for extra points.
- Press X to play.
- Use the 'WASD' keys or "arrow keys' to move/dig.
- Hold 'Shift' or 'Z' and press a dig/move key to make walls.
- Good Luck !

ARROW KEYS or WASD: move/dig
Z or SHIFT + ARROW KEYS/WASD: build wall
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  • avatar
    killkill13 (881) - 2017-03-02, 11:16

  • avatar
    jaxsonflx123 (150) - 2014-06-26, 15:51
    XD How do i START

  • avatar
    stampyhead (154) - 2014-03-01, 14:41
    love it!!! :)

  • avatar
    rockq (2194) - 2014-02-14, 13:20

  • avatar
    shawn6369 (123) - 2014-02-09, 08:57
    Yo what up guys? I'm new and have no friends please send me a friend request.

  • avatar
    rockq (2194) - 2014-01-09, 06:19
    lol ya

  • avatar
    trevorknox99 (193) - 2013-12-30, 15:11
    caved in easy

  • avatar
    rockq (2194) - 2013-12-11, 06:16

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